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Thrasos is a bio-therapeutics company focused on the discovery and development of targeted therapies for the prevention and treatment of severe organ failure, with a principle focus on kidney disease. The Company's lead therapeutic program, THR-184, is focused on the prevention and treatment of acute kidney injury (AKI). The Company also has a preclinical development program for treating chronic kidney disease (CKD).

THR-184 has demonstrated excellent control of biomarker and functional changes in an extensive series of preclinical models of AKI. The drug candidate controls inflammation and prevents apoptosis of renal tubule cells, resulting in protection and repair of the kidney following injury. THR-184 has completed preclinical toxicology testing as well as two successful Phase 1 clinical trials that demonstrated excellent safety and pharmacokinetic profiles. The initiation of a Phase 2 clinical program is planned for 2013.

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